Size Guidelines

To find a prefect fit and make an informed choice please review "Sizing & Fit" section included at item description for product specifics.

  • Bust, Waist and Hips measurements are provided in half-circumference in inches or centimeters.
  • E.g. Bust 22", Waist 23", Hips 23.5" means full circumference is Bust 44", Waist 46" and Hips 47" correspondingly. Sleeve length and item length are given in full length.
  • Items without given measurements have corresponding fit to regular US sizes. 
Sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, that's why we provide detailed measurements or sizing recommendations. All measurements are made over the garments. 
Coats are normally worn over different combinations of clothing (i.e. suits, sweaters, sometimes even jackets). So it is important that the chosen coat does not come in too tight.

    Some Helpful Advice on Measuring for Your New Jacket.

    We recommend that your bust and waist measurement is taken wearing a shirt and all other measurements are to be done with a current jacket as a guide and then adapt your measurements where necessary.

    You are always welcome to provide your own measurements at the "Notes" section during the checkout and we will select a corresponding sizes accordingly for your order.